Canopy Safari

Canopy Safari Quepos (2)

In all of the years I have been coming to Costa Rica I have never done the rip line tour put on my Canopy Safari.  It just always sounded so “touristy” to me I abstained when others invited me.  I had a chance to go today and I’m so glad I did.  I definitely would move this to my top 5 things to do in Manuel Antonio and Quepos.

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Manuel Antonio Jet Ski Tours

manuel-antonio-jet-ski-toursSo I did something again today that I think is one of the most favorite things I have ever done in the world:  jet ski on the open ocean.  I rode a jet ski on my very first trip to Costa Rica back in 2005 and it was so much fun!  I got the chance to go again this week and I jumped at the chance.  It was every bit as fun as I remember and I’d highly recommend this activity and this company to anyone visiting Manuel Antonio.  I was too scared of getting my phone wet, so I left it at home, and don’t have any pics unfortunately…

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Sun setting in paradise


The very first sunset I ever actually took the time to stop and watch was here in Costa Rica ten years ago.  I was quite amazed, and a little ashamed, after listening to some fellow vacationers talk about watching the sunset and realizing I never had.  I try and make it a point to stop and take time for such endeavors but don’t always succeed.

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The two musketeers of Manuel Antonio


So here are the dynamic duo of Manuel Antonio and Quepos in Costa Rica.  Dave Houck and Mauricio Jara are the management and leadership team that run Tulemar Luxury Villas.  If memory serves, I have known Dave for over 15 years.  I met Mauricio for the first time on my first trip to Casa de Frutas in 2005.  Mauricio misses me the most when I’m gone.  😉

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Links that are personal and cool

So the internet connection here in Costa Rica, while great for email and a great improvement over nothing at all, isn’t quite picture friendly.  The connection is a little spotty and just not quite up to snuff to do any type of heavy or medium lifting.  So, I might not get to post any cool photos of my trip until I get state side, but oh well.  For today’s post I’m just going to call out a few links that I posted to start rebuilding this page.

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Warriors win it all in Game 6

Warriors win it allThe Golden State Warriors won it all last night on the road in Cleveland.  I wasn’t secretly pining for a Game 7 at home against the depleted and exhausted Cavaliers.  They gave us all they had and in the end the deeper, fresher, younger legs of the run and gun Warriors were just too much and too good to be denied.  It was a fitting end to a truly fantastic championship duel.  A heavyweight fight that went 6 big rounds before the offense and defense just took over and wore down a formidable Cleveland challenge.

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New word for today: pocho

So I learned a new word today!  Apparently, the locals have a name for a Mexican-American that doesn’t speak any Spanish.  Well, that’s me and I learned what that word was today:  It’s pocho.  At first I was a little offended but I’ve slept on it and I’ve checked to make sure that wasn’t hidden offensive meaning I didn’t know about or that was being kept from me for a laugh or whatever.

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Pura Vida

My vacation in beautiful Costa Rica officially began today and I can’t even put into words how excited I am to be here again.  It’s been 7 or 8 years, at least, since I’ve experienced the “pure life” here in Central America.  I’m here for two weeks to help make up for lost time and really enjoy an extended visit with my very dear and very long time friend Mr. Dave Houck.  Dave is the proud father of two awesome local projects, Casa de Frutas and Tulemar, in Manuel Antonio just south of Quepos.

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