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California Wolf Center

cwc picI recently had the opportunity to donate to an organization that I just learned about this summer.  I’m so stoked and very excited to be an Alpha Wolf contributing member to the California Wolf Center based and located just outside of San Diego.  I have long had a special relationship and affinity for wolves, which should probably be the subject of a blog post here pretty soon, and I was super happy to find CWC.

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Modern is the goal

I’m a big fan of WordPress.org.  I have been for a while now.  One of the areas I think Automattic falls short is the lack of modern looking and feeling templates and themes.  The lack of hip, up to date choices in their default themes, and especially their lack of modern fonts, has really irked me over the years.

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I heard a semi-new word today and it kind of excited me.  I’ve heard the term before, and I think I have even looked it up and blogged about it before, but I couldn’t remember exactly what it meant.  So, of course I looked it up again…

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Urban tree stump


I don’t know why but this tree stump in the middle of Pavas, Costa Rica totally caught my eye.  I was bumming around the city early one morning waiting for the U.S. Embassy to open so I could pick up my new passport and there it was.  In many ways I think I can identify with this urban contradiction…

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Sloth sighting


Just a little sloth sighting this morning…

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The Trevor Project

the trevor project

For today’s post I want to share with you all some information about one of my favorite organizations in the world.  The Trevor Project offers suicide prevention services to gay youth.  They run a 24-hour crisis hotline and offer counseling referral services for those struggling with depression, anxiety, and may be at risk of suicide.

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