Beach rock formations


I took another early morning walk on the Manuel Antonio beach this last Sunday and I got some really beautiful shots.  It was low tide so there were some rock formations that you don’t normally see like this later in the day.  I like how the harder textures and surfaces of these rocks blend in with the softer wet sand of the exposed beach.

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Serious monkey business

I watched a white-throated capuchin monkey today work feverishly to break off a large branch from a tree.  I mean he really worked at it.  He gnawed, jumped, tugged and pulled on the branch until he finally broke it off then continued on his way through the trees along with the rest of his troop.  When I asked a friend, who is a local Costa Rican, why the monkey was doing that the answer really made a powerful impression on me…

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Exotic tico dishes


So my new friend Chris is a chef by passion and he sometimes he still cooks private meals for some of our clients at Tulemar.  I’ve dined at a meal that was made by Chris and it was fantastic.  He can do more traditional “gringo” meals but his real gift I think is authentic Costa Rican fare.  He shared these photos with me from an event he did over the weekend and I wanted to post them….

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We had an unexpected visitor at Tulemar this weekend.  The folks here say it is unusual to get such a close encounter so this was really a treat.  I think it might have been my animal magnetism that drew this unique jungle specimen.  It was such a good sport too!  It posed for pictures and even turned to face the crowd a couple of times.  It was super fun and a great photo opportunity.  I can already tell you this will be one of my favorites!

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Out on a limb

out on a limb

So I’m just having all kinds of fun with my neighbor!  I feel like I should give him a name.  Not sure yet.  This guy is all over the place.  Today he climbed a near by bamboo tree and it was truly amazing.  In previous blogs and posts I’ve talked about this iguana’s ability to run from danger and escape predators with sheer speed.  I’ve talked about their need to be warmed by the sun and then to be cooled by shade and seclusion.  What we also have to note about the black spiny-tailed iguana is their awesome knack for climbing.  This guy got 100 feet up this tree no joke.

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