Souls of stone


WP_20140607_148I believe rocks have souls.  If not souls, then definitely an energy, a life force if you will.  I believe the same thing about trees.  They both have a wisdom and presence about them that have an inherent power.  Some might say this is what they call beauty.  I don’t know.  This shot stood out to me because these stones seem so stoic and regal.  I don’t know if these stone souls are waiting and watching or maybe even guarding the surrounding rocks and beach.  It’s a great shot and one that I think I’ll frame.

Well, there you have it.  This is the last of 5 great shots I took during my visit to 17-Mile Drive.  If you would like to buy the high res digital versions for high quality printing or framing just let me know and I’ll send you a PayPal request.  You can also just send me $10 directly with either the title or date and I’ll get it you right away.  I can be found at mike at mikesdailyblog dot com.  Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Souls of stone

  1. Alex Guest

    Reminds me of my favorite Author (Ursula K/ Le Guin’s short. “The Author of the Acadia Seeds”)

    “Remember that so late as the mid¬twentieth century, most scientists, and many artists, did not believe that even Dolphin would ever be comprehensible to the human brain or worth comprehending! Let another century pass, and we may seem equally laughable. “Do you realize,” the phytolinguist will say to the aesthetic critic, “that they couldn’t even read Eggplant?” And they will smile at our ignorance, as they pick up their rucksacks and hike on up to read the newly deciphered lyrics of the lichen on the north face of Pike’s Peak

    And with them, or after them, may there not come that even bolder adventurer the first geolinguist who, ignoring the delicate, transient lyrics of the lichen, will read beneath it the still less communicative, still more passive, wholly atemporal, cold, volcanic poetry of the rocks: each one a word spoken, how long ago, by the earth itself, in the immense solitude, the immenser community, of space.”

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