About page is up and running

I posted the first draft of my About page today. This is a very important piece of the puzzle where your website is concerned. Whether you are a one-person operation that does everything yourself or a part of a larger organization your About page is very important. More often than not, a website’s About page is the first, and most frequently, visited page on your site.

The Home page, or splash page, of your site is where you make your first impression. The About page is where you make your second, follow up impression. You can also think of it this way: Your Home page and About page are your one-two punch in cementing a great first impression and building credibility with potential users or customers online. About pages should be clear and concise and definitely to the point. Research shows that web visitors often make up their minds about a website, and whether or not they will return at a later time, in the first 35 seconds after logging on for the first time.

So that’s enough for today. You can check out my About page here!

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