I designed and managed my very first website when I was in graduate school. I have been developing web portals ever since. Sometimes I manage my own web projects from start to finish. Other times I build and manage them for others. The side income was super handy while I was working my way to my M.A. in Communication and barely getting by working part-time as a graduate teaching assistant.

I generally charge $500 for a 5-page site (Home, About, Contact, Links, Photos) that I manage for 5 months. My websites are all HTML 5, mobile-friendly, and come with 5 business email forwards. In most cases I can have a first draft of the site up and running in 5 days or less. I can handle domain registrations, daily backups of the site, and will put a professional face to your online presence. No project is too small or too large. I have extensive experience working with sole proprietors, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

I can add on and manage 5 business email boxes that you can check online and on your phone. I can also provide eCommerce and shopping portals complete with credit card processing for an additional $250. After our initial 5 months working together we will both be in a better place to work out a plan going forward. Sometimes I stay on and continue to manage your new business website, sometimes owners take the reigns and give it a go on their own.

Technology is my passion. I could tinker with websites and computers all day. My dream job is owning my own little technology firm that supports businesses and organizations with their online and computer needs full-time. Until then I’ll keep working with passionate and pioneering professionals to help them achieve their dreams and goals.