Warriors fall at home

A depleted Dubs squad lost Game 3 last night to the Raptors. It was unnerving to watch a championship team languish against a team that isn’t nearly as good. I give Toronto credit because they came out and did what they were supposed to do, what the should have done, against a team that has three starters missing.

Between Kevin Looney, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant, you are looking at missing, or trying to make up, 60 points of offense. As importantly, we are also missing elite defenders that anchor our efforts in slowing down other team’s big guns. The Warriors have played admirably in this postseason by continuing to win games even when we have succumbed to injuries to the likes Andre Iguodala and Demarcus Cousins. Both have returned to action but to varying degrees of effectiveness.

The Dubs will be without Kevin Durant again Friday night in Game 4 but will see Klay Thompson return from his one-game layoff with an improved hamstring pull. Will it be enough to avoid going down 3-1? Can Demarcus Cousins rebound from a very unimpressive Game 3? It is my understanding that Kevin Looney is out for the rest of the Finals. Can Andrew Bogut contribute in a big way at the 11th hour of this series? Can Stephen Curry continue to churn out points like this as he continues to be the focal point of their defensive efforts? These are all great questions and I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat Friday to see how it all unfolds.

If the Toronto Raptors win it all this year I am sure it will be good for the city and their country. They will deserve the accolades of doing what they probably should have against a depleted and undermanned team. I’m sure they won’t mind, too much, the asterisk that will appropriately placed by their name in the history books of real sports fans.

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